Publications &/or work in progress

Dear Reader/Writer/Collaborator, Agent/Publisher, Etc

I write short fiction – and I am drafting a first full-length novel. Meanwhile, if you are the proverbial “right agent or publisher” then, hallelujah, it means my life of good karma has finally boomeranged back to me. So let’s talk:


A sample of recent/current Shorts (& micro, flash)…

“Reach for love” (2015, published under a pseudonym)





“Dead Pigeons” (2016, published under a pseudonym)


The Imaginary Coup (graphic)
“The Imaginary Coup” was the original, working title of my first, full-length novel: a prose work in progress (2016-).

(Original back matter): “A motorbike riding Aid worker transports patients, vaccines and supplies during the contentious birth of a new African republic. He rides the gauntlet of raging storms, random mud slides, rampant disease, revolutionary politics, ruthless militiamen, and, most disturbing of all, rumours of an imaginary coup…”

A sampler from the original draft was freely downloadable from LeanPub throughout 2016. Cheers to readers of the original draft (now retired after review, and currently undergoing a re-draft).

Children’s Fiction

A top secret, collaborative, project was completed in 2016, pitched out to selected agents/publishers in 2017… to no avail (to date). So it goes for most writers… onwards

Humour (Satire, Parody) 

“The Facts (& other ‘tremendous’ brain farts) by The Donald (with The Ghost)”

(80 pages, e-published on the eve of the U.S. Presidential Election 2016)

A read that is razor sharp and blunt silly, in equal measure…

A stonking great satire on a certain media creation, long since dubbed ‘The Donald’…

A political parody of “tremendous” scope (and a comprehensive list of brain farts using the formula ‘The + topic’)…

A book that spies the world through an unfiltered ego of presidential proportions…

A satirical summary of what may or may not be going on in the mind of The Donald…

(Disclaimer: The views, if any are found, do not reflect those of the ghost writer).


E-publishing (2015)


Originally planned as part one of The Feng Trilogy “Monkey Steals Plum” (2015) is an imaginative novella that twists the literary genre with the slow burn psych’ thriller.

This short book establishes the life and obsessions of the protagonist, Mr. Feng, whose tale builds and resolves through novella number two (tbc).

[Monkey‘s back matter]

‘Feng’ is an unorthodox Chinese billionaire entrepreneur – feted as China’s most favoured son and preparing to launch his potentially trillion dollar master plan: space missions to mine asteroids for their limitless, precious resources. 

Yet his success depends on a fistful of female characters, alive and dead… the closer Feng gets to his quarry, the more his questionable past looms: How did his wife die?  Did he arrange to have his own daughter kidnapped? Can he wash the blood from his hands?

P.s. Why China?

My travels and long-held interests in China helped to inspire this trilogy. I drew on some quality research time, spent well off the beaten track that informs the writing.

Aside from personal interest, today’s world is undeniably awash with 24-7 news (and noise) makers squabbling over the rise and/or demise of China…

Countless sources have heralded, or continue to build the narrative, of ‘the Chinese decade’ or even ‘Chinese century’. For me that transition, if inevitable, still feels some years (perhaps decades) away.

Along with all of the news/noise around China is a global (geopolitical and economic) power struggle over ‘the story’ itself. With that, comes many myths, fears and confusions…

For example:

  • myths about Chinese plans for the world
  • fears of the power shift eastward
  • confusions caused by the West’s corresponding decline
  • broader concerns for human rights and/or increasing demands on our planet’s plummeting resources.