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T.F. Birch has honed his writing for 20 years as a passion, a vocation and (very) periodically for (very) humble fees or plaudits (minor awards, bursaries). Alongside has been a career in Journalism; working under a first name-last name byline from ’97 to 2007 with freelance journalism to date (cuttings available – quicker than untangling a digital footprint).

He lived and worked for two decades across the UK’s second city c532652_10151552714948238_1303860508_nonurbation of Manchester and Salford. He now resides with his wife just beyond the urban mass of these conjoined ‘twin’ cities. He has previously lived for three years in America; and has extensively travelled in rural China.

T.F. Birch is drafting his first full-length novel. The longer term plan spans different forms of prose, as well as non-fiction. He currently seeks the proverbial “right agent/s and/or publisher/s”…unless his lifelong credit of karma finally kicks in, and relevant persons unknown contact himauthortfb@gmail.com

[From the author]
potential_author5“That silly old saying came true: life began at 40 for me. Long story short, I started taking my fiction more seriously. Having started out on the long road, there’s no turning back…
My short stories and longer prose alike might be summed as contemporary (aka literary) fiction. I’ve published shorts on different lit’ platforms – sometimes under pseudonym to distinguish formats. My first novella (epub 2015) opens The Feng Trilogy: three playful-sounding titles that are in fact serious short books about today’s world and tomorrow’s potential context.
Writing The Feng Trilogy is like a rite of passage from a former career, and different type of storytelling: from journalism to fiction. It is not a commercial trilogy yet equally it is not complex. The trilogy is fundamentally about obsession… ‘one powerful man’s obsessions – and the female characters who prove pivotal to his success or failure.’
The Feng Trilogy twists genre. It’s happily hybrid. For some readers, the trilogy sits within a sub-genre of near future science fiction (it’s understated – not explosive, dramatic sci-fi). Also, there seems to be a lot of mixed messaging around a term like speculative fiction but I mention this too because some of this trilogy’s subject matter (e.g. asteroid mining) is ‘not yet fully here’ as it’s being developed by a handful of private companies with the money and technology to enable such ‘outlandish’ projects, safely and timely. I’m not obsessively interested in any of this stuff, but I do keep an eye on Sci-Tech-Engineering (STEM) industries and what might be fast approaching in the labs and test centres of the world.
So. We’re a long way from pure science fiction (I’ve never been an avid reader). It does not strictly adhere to the staples of the psychological thriller. Nor does it grapple solely with a big idea for our contemporary world. Yet perhaps some readers will find all three elements.”