9 minutes of fiction (plus 80 hours of goodwill)

Here’s a 9-minute reading, and/or read, courtesy of The MacGuffin platform. This is an easy to use, free to use resource for writers and/or readers (and listeners). The platform has ample tales to read or hear being read (I’ve heard multiple decent recordings and only stumbled upon a handful of old, hissy, rough audio clips – so it goes).

Also, if you are relatively new to audio there are some handy tips (relevant to writers and/or speakers) on simple and quick (and free) recording. finaldeadpigeonscaptureSo, why not kick-start the year by uploading a short text and recording of your own?

Here’s one of mine. This is short short fiction (you might dub it flash fiction or any other off/on trend term). The fact is this short story stems from times spent inside (English) prisons with in-mates, outside with ex-offenders, and in the spaces in-between with others… all of us somehow part of the same flock.

P.s. “80 hours of goodwill”

If you’re in America (Amazon.com only) then consider grabbing this 80-page e-book during the next 80 hours… Today, Saturday 14th to Saturday 21st January 2017… staggered at a couple of “tremendous” reduced rate/s*


(*) Having to abide by Amazon’s cranky system, so it’s a two-step countdown (go figure): a third of the usual price for a few days before it hops up to two-thirds, then finally resumes its standard (lowest permissible) price. Ah, the endless joys of no budget e-publishing in the 21st Century…


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