The 12 Facts of Christmas | #4. The Selfies

With so many of the ‘big’ questions addressed in the book, it’s difficult to pick. Here’s another excerpt, as told by ‘The Donald’ -and transcribed by ‘The Ghost’ for the book:

…Selfies are, or is, a thing -is ‘selfie’ singular or plural? Go figure? You want to understand why people do the selfies? Then you have to ask yourself, what is a selfie?

Try this. Stand in front of a mirror -I do this all the time -and say the word: selfie. Look yourself in the eye and ask, what is a selfie? Listen to the word for a clue. Selfie. You know what I found out? The selfies is like so many things on the planet. It’s about the self -me, myself and I. This is about me…

Check out all the facts now…




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