The Antidote to Black Friday – Free Stuff!

Black Friday blues, Cyber Monday moans, pre-Christmas panics… take a time-out and check through this short (re)blog for some freely given goodwill…

The Comma Press Blog

While I have no problem engaging in the consumer-whirlwind that is Black Friday (I write this with a lovely new scarf draped round my shoulders, purchased on a whim this morning as I hurried through the train station – 25% off!) we’ve decided that we would rather offer a reprieve – an antidote, if you will – to the hysteria, and give our lovely readers some free stuff instead!
We’ve decided to treat you to a whole host of downloadable  mp3 recordings of readings by Zoe Lambert, Adam Marek, Larissa Boehning, Helen Clare, and Martyn Bedford, to name only a few. You’ll find David Constantine recasting the M25 as a Dante-esque ring of hell in ‘The Loss’, and Jane Rogers story ‘Conception’, a story about the unexpected beginning of new life – perfect for your commute, or to have in the background as you peruse the internet…

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