On the eve of the election, the result? A stonking great satire…

It’s funny what pops into mind in the downtime between drafts. It’s a wide spectrum from 24-Karat ideas for future fiction, right down to brain farts. One thing remains constant. As Bukowsky penned it,

‘the hours are long and must be filled somehow.’

Cue some back story…

Decades ago, I lived for about three years of my early adult life in America. I’d left England for the USA on my own, wayward yet self-styled, ‘walkabout’.

Timeless. Directionless. Mindful.

Important years. You might say the transition to adulthood. So, I have fond memories of living in, and travelling around, that country -and meeting and befriending countless great Americans.

Whoosh back to now

That snippet may explain the, unexpected, impulse to write something and publish it on the eve of the 2016 US election -an epochal one, perhaps. For sure, 2016 feels very different to the upbeat ‘Change’ rhetoric of 8 years ago. This year’s election snapshots that have made it across the pond, or been spied online, have looked and sounded extremely strange.

This oddball, unreal and ‘post-fact’ context tickled the satirical streak in me. So, in the downtime between drafting so-called ‘serious’ fiction, I started to draft a memoir about my American adventures. Yet the writing became weird and wonderful, and the spectre of the 2016 election sucked me in like a black hole. Across the past few months, my ‘love letter’ memoir morphed and shape-shifted into a stonking great satire…

The result?

A stonking great satire on a certain media creation, long since dubbed ‘The Donald’…

A book that spies the world through an unfiltered ego of presidential proportions…

A read that is razor sharp and blunt silly, in equal measure…

A political parody of “tremendous” scope (and a comprehensive list of brain farts using the formula ‘The + topic’)…

A satirical summary of what may or may not be going on in the mind of The Donald…


(Disclaimer: The views, if any are found, do not reflect those of the author, The Ghost).


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