A necessary evil

It’s an odd thing to interview oneself. C’est la vie for many writers in navigating social and digital platforms that ask for such promo ‘content’. It’s a necessary evil. And there are saving graces…

Having spent the best part of two decades as a journalist interviewing other people, it was arguably fun, definitely harmless, to interview me, myself and I. And as a quick brain rinse it’s recommended. I recalled bizarre little footnotes of my life long since muddled or lost by daily habits, routines, modes. More joyous was learning something -the fact that my preference to write fiction standing up rather than sitting down has been shared by many a writer through history.

Voila… c’est moi (given the limits of a Smashwords self-interview).


Overall it was good to remind myself that maturing into my (mid) forties is no bad thing. The mighty Borges was in his mid-40s before seriously attempting longer form fiction. Han Kang, a South Korean author, accepted this year’s Man Booker International Prize at the age of 45. There are countless other examples.

So the necessary evil of a brief navel gaze, once in a blue moon, is fine. Now that ‘my moment’ has passed, let me signpost you to Kang (noted above). You may well be familiar with Borges, yet if you know nothing of Kang you can listen to this 6-minute podcast in which Kang discusses her prize-winning novel: grown, slowly, from one of her short stories, to a novel length, and spread, even more slowly, through various translations).


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