Brain food

Has any list (or, dare I say, listicle) been worth your time to read of late? Much of today’s content lite world remains beset by Buzzfeed-style listicles, and Huff Post-style ‘churnalism’. So it’s a genuine joy to find, and happily share, an intriguing list…

Here are 18 book titles – a delightful chop suey of brain food served up by Brian Eno.

Dynamite. I can’t wait to find and read books from this list. Most of the authors are new to me. Perhaps best of all, the titles stretch far beyond fiction to an authentically mind-opening end of the non-fiction spectrum. No hokum here!

So why not give the list a browse and read one of its books? For sure, lite (and downright crappy) content reached saturation levels long ago. Likewise the so-called social world is constantly carpet-bombed by tweets of pseudo profound BS, superfluous selfies and all manner of back-scratching clap-traps. I never want to just add to that noise but I unashamedly urge you to savour and share this particular book list. Brain food indeed.


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