Spontaneous posts, the shapes of stories… and a Smashwords offer

A year ago I wrote a spontaneous post extolling the virtues of daily exploration – as a means to an endlessness

A way of passing the time with a reasonably even keel, mostly avoiding the persuasive pulls of OTT optimism or abyssal darkness. In other terms, a way of avoiding the upswings and downswings of the story lines we each tread.

One year on. Maybe my little story line has improved -or worsened -or not altered. I feel it’s a mild incline. Who is to say? One thing for sure, the great Mr Vonnegut had –many, many moons ago- nailed the underlying truth…

Check out these few minutes of rare footage showing Kurt’s talk on the shapes of stories:

That is quite a well known Vonnegut clip. You may well have seen it before. I first spied it a couple of years back. It’s often referenced, linked -most recently it blinked on my radar in this blog about the fundamental plots, or story lines, that underpin all tales. That’s all stories ever told or that ever will be told. Small wonder Mr Vonnegut looks tired and deflated in the delivery of his talk. Sure, he was hamming it up, over egging it -yet with purpose.

Vonnegut had had a simple idea that has stood the test of time. And finally, someone has taken it seriously. It recently inspired a team of academics to run some computational analysis and do some data crunching on nearly 1800 works of literature.Vonnegut Shapes of stories Capture

Click and check out Hedonometer – a genuinely novel (*groan*) approach to stories that searches for patterns of happiness and sadness.

In other words, the signposts that show the shapes of stories.



Unlike the hyped-up claims of many agented authors and their Smashwords offerpublisher/publicity machines, I can’t promise you unbridled joy, or deep misery, or shocking thrills, or any specific emotion. But I can promise you 50% off the first novella I wrote… a deal that’s good until the end of July 2016.

This month Smashwords has an offer code for you and anyone you care to tell – SSw50 – to get 50% off the humble asking price of novella number one in The Feng Trilogy.

Until 31st July 2016, the e-book is available to download and read on your computer, kindle, phone, etc, for less than a dollar.

Use that code without delay – SSW50 – and spread the word. My thanks.



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