A lightbulb moment

All too often a lightbulb moment fizzles away. This is when the craft of writing kicks in, keeps you going, carries you on…

I’ve never minded the slog. Yet I’ve had a kind of coping strategy: variety. I’ve equally enjoyed diverse writing forms since my original career path in journalism proved best trodden with chameleon-like adaptability: Feature writing, specialist reporting, general reporting, reviews/criticism, columns, data-driven stories, even scripting for video and/or audio… All kindred yet each differing.

So it is fiction that currently demands my daily attention – and it too is a changeling. I’ve enjoyed writing monologues, stage plays, TV scripts, cartoons, short stories, novella…

This year one of my collaborators prompted – quite unprovoked – the writing of a story for pre-schoolers (noted within this previous post). So hard yet so much fun. That project bubbles along in a devilish corner of my mind, in stark contrast with the metaphorically ‘evil’ subject matter that occupies a greater part of my skull, and time, as I draft towards my first full-length novel.

Charms are offset by pitfalls… I am no poet.

If I lived in NY city I could easily have my bashfulness loosened by alcohol enough to find myself under the stage spotlights, participating in one of those events of public performance/shaming where people read aloud their embarrassing teenage poetry. I don’t live in NYC and I shan’t inflict on you the utterly abysmal poetry, euh, ‘written’ by my teenage self…

Instead, here’s a different offering from another kind of writing – actually it was just thinking or mind doodling since I didn’t have to write, draft, script…

A friend/contact this week requested some help for an assignment as he’s currently training on a web product development course. He’s built a simple blog, Beta mode, that pairs up jokes for public votes. So I waited… and waited… until a lightbulb moment. Voila. Link below to the joke* that somehow popped into mind one dull summer’s day in the rainy city… If you like it, please vote – of course if you don’t like it vote for the ‘opponent’ joker. Poll closes at high noon today, UK time.

(*) It’s perhaps a dark-ish joke. Deadpan delivery.



P.s. What’s stopping you from your next lightbulb moment?


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