An artist named Cheung (revisited)

On a clammy summer’s night in the rainy city, windows ajar, two wood pigeons spoil – maybe sharpen? – my focus. A sound clash of whipped wing action with guttural coo. They look to be sparring, whether warring or loving, maybe both. In a flash they’re gone – through the green canopy to the overcast dusk sky…

My mind settles on a recent note I posted here about an artist named Gordon Cheung.. GordonCapture

So I managed to briefly visit the gallery that was celebrating him – as part of its 30th anniversary show. In one room, countless print articles and critical writings had been posted on the walls and I steadily spied several of my own old journalism pieces (including the cutting, pictured right). IMG_20160509_102105

I have written about the artist Gordon Cheung since 2004, and from 1997 I’ve covered the organisation: Chinese Arts Centre – latterly retitled, rebranded as the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. 30 years is an anniversary worth celebrating – my congratulations.

For nearly two-thirds of those thirty years (whoosh) I enjoyed covering this organisation’s various guises, venues, staff, exhibitions and, very many, artists.

That said, it remained a genuine surprise to spy some old writings on this gallery wall. It felt somewhere between funny odd and haha. And a kind of sight for sore eyes – quite welcome. Voila, picture me on a barmy summer’s night as proud as a peacock while I listen to the pigeons coo…








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