A final word – for now – on the ‘Coup’

By the end of May, as planned, I submitted the final ‘sampler’ instalment of my prose-in-progress, The Imaginary Coup . More than 5,000 words have been added so, in all, readers are able to freely sample just about the opening third of this book by accessing it – yes, “freely” – from the LeanPub platform.

This is a novel I can not NOT write for many reasons The Imaginary Coup (graphic)– some of my rationale is laced in to this blog post from earlier in 2016.

My plan remains to draft on through the year and achieve my first, so-called, full length novel; and to pitch it to suitable agents/publishers once reviewed, edited, re-researched (!), redrafted, proofed… ah, the charms and pitfalls of flying solo.

My thanks to the (small) band of readers who have already accessed the book. Such intrepid souls.


Drafting the Coup has provided a break from which I now return afresh to redraft the second novella in The Feng Trilogy – entitled Leopard Descends Tree. More on this soon.



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