[Salient points #10] There’s always time

There’s something dubbed chronoception that ticks over in our minds. The term denotes our, subjective, perception of time. It’s helped scientists to conjure with how time flies, or why time feels like it speeds up as you age.

Check out the YouTube video, linkedChronoception (veritasium), that explains chronoception, alongside ‘flow’ and repetition as likely reasons why the years slip by, and why the speed of time appears to increase as you age. The video is reasonably short (7’40) and easygoing – complete with a mildly engaging ‘mind game’ to play with your friends… and/or you could always take this to the streets using the vox pop approach as adopted by this vlogger in his efforts to popularise science.

Food for thought the next time you feel those sand grains slipping away…

P.s.  It seems timely to share a few updates:

The first novella of the Feng Trilogy, Monkey Steals Plum, smashwords_Capturehas been made more widely available through a Smashwords edition

The second novella of that trio, Leopard Descends Tree is being drafted in slow burn style….

Meanwhile if you’d like to know more about these novellas, here’s a summary of The Feng Trilogy.

While focused on drafting the second part of The Feng Trilogy, the entirely unrelated writing project that is my first full length novel (working title: The Imaginary Coup) is reaching a sufficient length and state that it can be paused… temporarily… that is, until sufficient time has passed to return to the Coup and review, research and rewrite afresh.

Perhaps that’s a bottom line basic wisdom for any writer: no matter how hard pressed for time, or how frenzied the feeling of this ’24-7′ work (and zero life) insanity, from time to time needs must. You have to let go andEinstein allow some time to slip away…



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