The Imaginary Coup (progressing a work-in-progress)

Plate-spinning a few projects is never ideal yet needs must and, besides, it is no real hardship…

The multi-tasking standard means that steadily (if not daily) the draft of my first full-length novel progresses – and periodically, the developing content builds on the LeanPub platform.

Here’s the latest instalment. Free to download. For the foreseeable. Feedback welcome.

So what drives this particular project? Aside from the main story conjuring with my imagination, there is the culling of characters and/or minor story lines that compete for inclusion. Beyond the rewriting (of writing) there are many and diverse intrigues from real life call that continue to call me back to the Coup 

There is the deciphering of multiple sources: news/media reports, or charities that share their own kind of reportage from the field, or the sniffing out of authentic sentiments apparently expressed in social media or blog posts… here’s an example: The Urgency to Dream.

The latter, randomly spied, blog post is attributed to Burundian poet Ketty Nivyabandi and dated from mid 2015. Is it her piece? I am none the wiser. What interests me is that it appears to have been written in response to the possible coup, and the very definite killings, that took place in Burundi through 2015. There is zero doubt that disorder, conflicts and killings persist to this day according to numerous accounts, from differing sides, within that nation alongside the commentary of the Burundian diaspora around the world and, more estranged, the views of numerous onlookers and interested parties.

Either way, the aforementioned blog post contains the pull-out quote, below, that speaks volumes for the present day conflict (chaos?) in Burundi. Or indeed for the obscene horrors of genocide that ruined mid-1990s Rwanda. Or in fact for any State, on any continent of this world and at any time, in which people suffer hideous circumstances and lethal consequences:

“Most of all I hurt because I do not yet see a clear path forward.” 





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