Picture this, imagine that: Intended and unintended semiotics in a single shot

Here’s an establishing shot spied, today, atop of a Reuters news item (linked through the picture, below). The caption explains: ‘Sunflower stalks punctuate the snow in a field near dormant oil drilling rigs…’

Reuters photo_Capture

The mass of lines/shafts (Sunflower stalks) make for a potent visual and metaphorical rhyme with the giant rigs, rested, retired.

Meanwhile, an entirely unintended visual rhyme popped into my mind…Going To The Match

The photograph conjured up the white canvases, peppered with masses of human figures, that are the recognisable, signature style of the painter LS Lowry

Like in the Reuters news photo, Lowry’s paintings often depicted an industrial backdrop that is distant, hazy, partly silhouetted, yet ominously present, anchoring scenes, drawing your eye…


So what has made your imagination soar today?


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