One of the (many) tricks that cinematography can teach vloggers, MoJo and any moving image makers…

Pause. Had to halt my upload of a video with voice-over after I spied this richer, deeper, exquisite example…

Spoiler alert

In the clip, below, Tony Zhou‘s voice-over reveals key story elements and the film’s finale… yet here’s the point, as Mr Zhou states, this is “For educational purposes only.”

Watch and absorb Zhou’s excellent teaching (only 4’28 long)… let the footage wash over you and forget it. Come back to this film in future – it will always be waiting for you. You’ll have gained a richer appreciation of this film and the wider work of its talented director/maker, Bong Joon-ho. Also, you’ll have learned about profile shots done well – something that mobile journalists, vloggers, etc, ought not to shy away from attempting in their own work.

Here beginneth a useful lesson…

Mother (2009) – Telephoto Profile Shots from Tony Zhou on Vimeo.



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