“The Imaginary Coup” (work-in-progress): An excerpt, some back matter, and you…

A sample excerpt from a long form prose in progress -my first full length novel- is now readable at LeanPub. Early days, early draft, and one that will be added to over the coming weeks. (I intend to upload about a third of the working draft in due course). Free to all intrepid readers. So please stop by and take a look – if it sparks any thoughts please share.

On the subject of sharing, the intent is to split revenue from the completed, published book (timeline to be confirmed). My preferred ’cause’ (beneficiary) is Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation. So it would be great to hear any feedback about this plan. Meanwhile…

The Imaginary Coup
Cover for the, free, work-in-progress

Back matter

A motorbike riding Aid worker transports patients, vaccines and supplies during the contentious birth of a brand new African republic.

He runs a gauntlet of revolutionary politics, rampant disease, raging storms, random mud slides, ruthless militiamen, and, most threatening of all, rumours of an imaginary coup…


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