“The Imaginary Coup” (work-in-progress): A brief background

Writing the CoupThe Imaginary Coup (graphic)

This prose-in-progress has grown from a short story started in spring 2015. It has reached half way toward a novella – the draft has presently settled beyond 20,000 words*. The aim is for the Coup to be my first full length novel.

Researching and rewriting the Coup to date has stood my base tests of time and common sense: a project that I could not leave behind; a story I could not not write. Pending how the ongoing draft process pans out, I seek to complete and publish it during 2016. For now I am preparing a sampler to post on LeanPub: a sober, credible platform and a suitable fit for this work-in-progress.

So watch this space for an update in due course. Meanwhile…

The coup de grace

The Coup is a contemporary story for the literary genre. What drives the story are a pair of closely related ideas (well established across scientific fields): First, our imaginations merge with our memories to create our realities; Second, our individual perceptions of reality are unique.

Those ideas dovetail in the storytelling… The Coup is set in a fictional ‘Republic’ in central-eastern, sub-Saharan Africa: a state-to-be undergoing a savagely contested coup before it is officially born. The self-styled president-elect of the new republic declaims the hideous unrest to be ‘an imaginary coup’… voila. The story later pivots toward a recognisably real world African capital city, and a puzzling reality that lies beyond its urban limits and lurks among the trees.

(*) A footnote on word counts (in case any word-nerds read this short post).

I write fiction within these, loose, parameters: Flash fiction under 1,000; shorts spanning from 2,000 to 10,000 (though not likely that far); novella ranging from 30,000 to 50,000; and novels scaling up from 75,000.

How about you?


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