Year of the Monkey

New year, same me. Older by a whisker, a nose-length wiser I trust, the husk of my skin perhaps a little more hardened…

Bereft of new year resolutions, here’s a brief update on a recurring goal and one of the ways I currently nudge my focus from writing fiction: learning Mandarin Chinese.

First up, check out my related post from this past August when I waxed lyrical on my false starts toward learning the language:

A journey of (at least) 800 characters begins with “Ni Hao”…

So what have I learned in the past half year or so? I’m still on the proverbial slow boat to China. And less is more: I’m learning less, chewing smaller chunks of knowledge and focusing for slimmer shards of time. The most encouraging fact is that I have experienced real progress. That is, I am just beginning to understand native speakers during the various dialogues of my podcast lessons… only a few words, like fireflies in the dark. Hmm, I’ve got a good feeling about the Year of the Monkey.

How about you? How will you be distracting and/or developing yourself in 2016?



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