Philae anniversary freebie (download the e-book and e-reader today)

Today, 12 November, is the first anniversary of the Philae lander’s bumpy arrival at Comet 67/P. If that is already a feint memory (or perhaps does not register at all) here is some footage shot from Philae as it made its final approach to the tumbling rock’s surface after nearly a decade of space travel…

Comet 67P (Credit ESARosetta NAVCAM – CC BY-SA IGO 3.0)

A double celebration

Today also marks about a year since the early edition of Monkey… was published. That debut novel – book one of The Feng Trilogy – was partly inspired by the historic landing on Comet 67/P. So today feels a fitting occasion to make the final edition ebook (2015) available for a free download.

Here are some reviews…



Download the ebook and e-reader app for FREE today, 12th November...




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