50 seconds of Sun worship

Startling new close-up footage of the Sun has been released by NASA. The vast fire ball can now be savoured safely through clips such as the brief one shared by Reuters (linked below) – just 50 seconds of Sun worship that prove quite absorbing.

In my view there are many more than seven wonders of the Earth. But it is difficult to conjure up any Earthly offering that might be able to match against the subject and content, the shock and awe, the subliminal power of such footage…

Close up image by NASA of the Sun (detail)
Watch the video (0:50, Reuters), and feel the heat

Watching the Sun spit out solar flares, and seeing fire storms warp its planetary curve, the footage nudged my mind until it fell back down to Earth – to the scores of world leaders who will be discussing climate change at the global summit, Paris 2015 (30 November – 11 December).

Ditto, I thought of the millions of climate change refugees that have been and that will be – seeking refuge from rising sea levels, drought, and so on (a good starting resource for more on this developing story is the UNHCR). And, naturally, I reflected for a brief moment on the billions of us, as the sentiment goes, joined under the same, single Sun.

Clips like this might not nudge the stony, stubborn beliefs of climate denial, yet it could well nudge the urgency with which nation States enact their declared climate change measures for prevention, mitigation and response. Otherwise the global goodwill that they all, rhetorically, message remains meaningless.

For me, definitely, this kind of intense, highly detailed footage of the Sun that is now emerging is incredible, insightful, inspirational… How about you?

P.s. If you watch the clip, above, and feel energised after your 50 seconds of Sun worship, why not then checkout my recent item about the ‘magical’ yet, improbably, achievable Space innovation that is asteroid mining?  Or, if you are reading around climate change, this older item on Earth Hour may be of interest.



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