Life imitates art again: #XiUKvisit

This week life imitates art again as the State visit to the UK by China’s President Xi Jinping (#XiUKvisit) includes not just a stop in Manchester but a visit to the National Graphene Institute. As existing readers know, this uncannily echoes my debut novel Monkey Steals Plum in which a powerful Chinese protagonist visits Manchester, UK, in order to check out a fictional Graphene applications lab. Hmm…

China flags on The Mall, UK 2015
Tomorrow’s world? China’s national flag hoisted along The Mall this week, lining Xi’s route to Buckingham Palace

It feels only right that while China’s President Xi gets wined and dined by the UK establishment this week, the e-book edition of Monkey… is made available to UK readers (through to download for just 99p. You can read it on a Kindle or your laptop, i-Pad, phone, etc, using the free e-reader app found on the same page (just click on the book, right, download and spread the word).  Kindle, Look Inside, novel Monkey Steals Plum

While the news (and noise) makers shout about Xi and hype UK-China relations, check out my playfully titled but serious take on today’s power shift to China and tomorrow’s fast approaching world… 99p until midnight on Friday 23 October when Xi has flown home and #XiUKvisit has become just another has-been hashtag.


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