A couple of home truths in lieu of two blogposts

Focus elsewhere demands attention and I must disappoint the search engines who may (or may not*) seek to rank my biweekly blog. In lieu of two posts, here is a couple of home truths that have been most recurrent on the journey with ‘book one’…

You can’t be in two places at once

The scientific evidence says you can’t, and likewise my own experiments as a debut author flying solo (agent-less) seem to back this up.

At times it has proven tricky to share out the focus when many, varied aspects of DIY publishing clamour for attention. Yet as I rinse ‘book one‘ from my marrow, I simultaneously soak ‘book two’ in my mind (alongside sorting a print edition, seeking some reviews, and so on). This kind of multitasking is interconnected, impassioned, important.

As with any work project or walk of life, my current journey is about being agile yet diligent with time and focus. The good news seems to be that it’s a tightrope act that becomes less wobbly as you inch yourself forward…

It’s a slow boat to China

Like many a writer the everyday efforts can be varied, splayed and all too frequently scuppered by the smallest of hurdles. The weird and wonderful “Amazon KDP platform” is a classic case in point for year one of this particular journey. On the one hand it has felt liberating to utilise the platform, yet on the other hand it has, frankly, proven to be a boorish stop-start process. Nevertheless, persistence is key. Drum roll, please…

After months of back-and-forth correspondence with Amazon-KDP, and numerous to-and-fro updates, I have this week had their confirmation that the correct edition is up, live, available on Amazon… and, not only that, the correct book will be “pushed” (using Amazon-speak) to existing readers just as I have been re-requesting for many moons having updated, proofed, finalised content long ago… before, again in Amazon-speak, “an unidentified issue with our conversion process” sent the book into a deep, dark, abyss of poor communications and little progress.

Voila, the relevant, magical and hopefully bullet-proof quote from A-KDP’s confirmation email:  “I checked the converted content of the latest content file that you’ve uploaded and the issue seems to be resolved. I’ll now work with our review team to provide the updated content file to the existing customers.” Music to my ears.

Early days, of course, but reader feedback is positive: I have heard from the first couple of customers (Europe based) who confirm that the “push” has taken place and they now possess the right edition. How about America? Anywhere else? I look forward to word from overseas from any intrepid readers who have had their early edition finally updated… you brave, brilliant, beautiful souls, one and all.


(*) A bonus to these home truths is the suggestion that free blogs – like my current wordpress with the .com suffix – either do not get sought and ranked by search engines, or they get sought with less priority, compared to paid-for blogs – like wordpress.org. Hmm, any definitive answer to this, and any other home truths are very welcome…


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