Call it the Pluto phenomenon if you like. The supernova-like spike of positivity around the New Horizons mission to fly past Pluto has a warm afterglow. Everything feels possible again. Explore… at least for a time. A day. A moment.

The humanist, and humourist, Kurt Vonnegut once noted that we are still living in the Dark Ages. In considering so many of today’s stories and the world’s ongoing issues, I strongly agree with ‘King Kurt’.

Between those two polars — the peaks of fantastical yet real, deep space exploration; and the abyss of deep truths that darken the lives of billions of people — perhaps a more steady continuum is vital (one that could lasso and reign in those polar extremes). How? A steady flow of proactive curiosity, scepticism, investigation, exploration…

So below is just a fistful of signposts to sources, subjects, and senses that I’m currently exploring. How about you? 


Explore data… There are so many quality, use-able, sources of open data – despite the fact that there is still along way to go before we live in the light of total transparency (not the dark ages of secrecy). Here are just a few sources to start with, but it is worth the few minutes that it will take you to searching out many others relevant to you and your context, or your wider interests:






Explore Chongqing… An extreme example of China’s new mega city developments. See it through the eyes of travelling photographer Tim Franco FrancoInChongqingFranco has been exploring this weird and wonderful, gargantuan city through several times over the past five years: https://vimeo.com/121638926


Explore Vesta an asteroid, as simulated by a NASA interactive that encourages you to spy-hop over the space rock’s surface.


Ditto: Explore Mars, by a similar NASA simulation, just in time for The Martian movie out later this year.



Explore your passions. One of my long held passions is Street Photography. Of late I’ve been re-kindling that old flame. I shan’t bore you with my naive-but-fun explorations on the street. Point being, it’s never too late whether you are reigniting a dormant passion or sparking a new one through exploration…

Postpone destinations. Extend horizons. 

What are you exploring? What will you explore?


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