Monkey man goes ape – strictly no chimping

Been enjoying something of a renaissance when it comes to ‘phone camera’ photography. Click on that previous phrase for a nice intro by vlogger and street photographer Eric Kim. So-called ‘street’ is a long held passion of mine – not savoured nearly enough. Hence why the character of ‘Troy’ in Monkey is a wizened photojournalist – something of a veteran who is not likely to get excited by “chimping” (definition below).

This past weekend I was able to take a trip to London and catch up with three old, close friends – friends I’ve known for four decades now… whoosh. It was a dynamite overnight for many reasons – one of which was that I got to take some shots on my mobile phone…

Random shots, visions of poesy, snaps. For a moment I went ape. Yet I didn’t chimp* (see footnote).

So I’m sharing a fistful of shots, below. None will win any accolades – yet they will act on my mind in various, positive ways (perhaps even on the minds of other viewers). Regardless, if you spy-hop through Eric Kim’s blog article – linked once again – you’ll pick up many solid tips for starters.

Take tons of shots. That is probably the single most useful tip. On my recent trip – yet again – I didn’t take nearly enough shots (possibly 20-30 shots when frankly I had had the time to shoot ten times that amount). Still, I took what caught my mind’s eye – here’s a small selection….


z3.5July 1109


z3.5July 1108street1


z3.5July 1089






(*) Footnote on chimping (colloquial verb): This is when photographers incessantly look down at their LCDs at a display of their handiwork – after every, single shot. Now it’s obviously good to check your photos – some of these, above, benefited from PP love once I’d checked them back at base. Yet as Eric Km advises in another of his blog posts: don’t spend your time on the street chimping – look up, around, shoot… 



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