[Brief courtesy note to ‘pre-7.7.15’ readers]

[A brief note for readers who bought/downloaded Monkey before 7.7.15]

The solo flight of self-publishing on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform has provided an opportunity to crowd-source a handful of helpful notes. These have been welcome as they come from the reader perspective – thus very different to the long editorial process of re-writes that had been achieved during the book’s drafting.

The upshot? A few, final updates. To be frank, it has boiled down to simple amends to the existing content of Monkey – so you are not missing any old/new material. In short, this is the kind of input that a good agent, or perhaps a publisher, might well suggest at the ‘proof’ stage. Short of an agent, ‘the crowd’ has effectively stood up to the plate. My thanks again!

Here are the three ‘proof’ areas, now finalised: Some re-phrasings to help a more international (not just UK) audience; A sequential rearrangement of the opening handful of chapters; A fistful of final polishes. Done.

Therefore I am requesting of Amazon KDP that they push the final edition to existing customers. If you fall into this category then I trust you all receive their notification in the coming weeks. Deep thanks again for reading, and for providing positive feedback.

Please read, reflect, frankly review, and generously recommend! 




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