A guffaw, a guff, and a MacGuffin

#AsteroidDay. How was it for you? I had intended to post up my highlight, but a rare heatwave has slow-cooked my brain… until just before day’s end when a cool breeze silenced the birds, and the dusk got exploded by a storm.

Tonight I have laughed loudly under the lightning and rain, mostly at myself, while trying to shoot a dramatic sky using a long exposure… testing the alleged weather sealing on my mobile phone. The resulting images are woeful – perhaps they had to be given that the real experience was so exhilarating.

Sodden yet aglow from the action and honesty of my guffaw, my mind’s crosshair landed on two points that can no longer wait (unlike my Asteroid Day highlight which has been benched until tomorrow). First up a guff – arguably a collaborative guff shared by KDPublishing and myself. Voila: Due to a debut publishing glitch, I’m interested to hear feedback from any Monkey readers IF you-got-your-copy-before-April 30th as to whether you have subsequently synced your accounts to the final edition (polished up, complete with chapter numbers). If there is someone, and you care to comment below, I will be grateful.   Test. Learn. Adapt.

Second point, check out this new hybrid platform for writers: a rangy resource carrying text and audio stories. Writers, readers and the, all too often overlooked, listeners can respectively satisfy, and stretch, their default mode at MacGuffin (*). macguffnCapture

This is a dynamite digital initiative from Comma Press an internationally respected short story publisher that happens to be based just up the road in Manchester, UK. Dip in to it, or become a diehard devotee. Do it!

(*) MacGuffin? If you need assistance with this noun, listen to Mr Hitchcock’s low down in this fun animation…     hitchmacguff.Capture


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