Muted echoes

[Footnote on previous blog post]. Here’s a short audio clip, a brief interview with a ‘best selling author’ promoting his new novel that shines a light on China’s nouveau (mega) riche.CnRichGirlfriend.Capture Listening in, I was pleased to hear only distant, muted echoes of Monkey

Both books posit super rich Chinese characters as protagonists. Yet China Rich Girlfriend  unashamedly shines a spotlight on to the chintzy, absurd elements of this burgeoning elite who seem to be driven by extravagant spending sprees and crass displays of affluence. Whereas Monkey Steals Plum shines a torch onto the different, deeper, darker obsessions of a Chinese billionaire who is, often yet not exclusively, a more sober-thinking, straight-talking character.

Perhaps a kind of camaraderie among the two book’s characters lies in the non-stereotypical characterisation: the creation of contemporary Chinese characters who are powerful, attractive, multi-dimensional… and, I hope in Feng‘s case, intriguing. Of course, that is for readers to decide… KindleLookInsideFeature.Capture


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