China’s Billionaire boom

China, according to CNN Money, gets one new billionaire each and every week. That rate tells you something of China’s heady cocktail: its vast population, its emerging elite and their inordinate money making, and, if the stat is accurate, the nation’s ability to keep churning out billionaires (that is, as long as the Chinese economy doesn’t radically falter).

Perhaps the stat tells something even more, of the current ‘tipping point’ phase that sees the world’s balance of power shifting from Western powerhouses to an intriguing nexus of Eastern and Middle-Eastern nations.

My debut novel’s protagonist ‘Feng’ is a somewhat souped-up version of China’s men of phenomenal power. Feng was definitely not based on either of the super successful men featured in these CNN Money clipsWangJianlunKaraoke.CaptureYet, aside from gender and nationality, there are the occasional, perhaps unavoidable, cultural connections. One fact for sure, watching Wang Jianlin’s quirky karaoke (1’11) version of a traditional folk song gave me a wry smile when reflecting on a particular scene from Monkey


Troy told himself to breathe deep. He focused on the breath and breathed himself back to full consciousness. The softness in his head gave way to stiffness and soreness. He held his throat. He fought to swallow through a dry mouth until finally a small glob of saliva hurt as it lurched down. He let out a feeble whimper. He looked up at a stranger, standing across the room with something in his hand next to a large black box. What is that? A karaoke machine?


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