Baader-Meinhof complex or mindful blogging?

Self-fulfilling prophesy or fait accompli?  Baader-Meinhof complex or mindful blogging?

Either way, each day brings with it one or more stories to share that happen to be resonant with Monkey Steals Plum.

Story 1. The city of Shenzhen’s rags to riches storyline is summed up well by BloombergShenzhen.1985.Capture

An eye-catching, pull-out, quote being that Shenzhen’s per-capita GDP last year was higher than either Japan, Germany or Hong Kong.

As an intriguing, emerging powerhouse, I found its draw quite irresistible and made it the southern China base of Monkey‘s multi-billionaire protagonist, ‘Feng’.

Story 2. Graphene’s global market gets a humble yet healthy estimate (in double figure millions) for 2015. Despite ordinary figures, the extraordinary properties and potential of Graphene give it incomparable ‘newsworthyness’. Its story may be a slow burner but its possibilities, horizons, applications are endless.

I’ve followed the Graphene story since 2010 yet it was while drafting Monkey… through 2014 that Graphene lit up the radar, a firefly in the dark, a fuse for ‘Feng’…

Graphene’s standard fanfare (illustration,  “Stronger than steel, thinner than paper, tougher than diamond” Etc



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