Had had my morning coffee, felt primed to climb the mountain again – the current goal being some DIY tweet promo (free book download this coming Saturday). Dynamite.

I casually glanced at Twitter – my chosen medium for said promo. My gaze was caught by a tweet from surrogate book biz guru @JonnyGeller. Serendipity.

Yet the linked story (from a BBC website) made for sober reading. The gist was doom and gloom. It confirmed what I had known: in an industry where ’50 Shades’ is the pinnacle, the rest of the pyramid is increasingly vast, unwieldy, hopeless. Apocalyptic.

Yet my nucleus accumbens had lit up. I’m climbing this mountain for many reasons, none of which are for ’50 Shades’ type fame. That would be a descent to abject failure, in my view. So, onwards and upwards (with apologies to whomsoever I tweet curveballs at in the next few days…)



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