Free to download, for International Astronomy Day

‘Feng’ is leading the pack of China’s elite, multi-billionaire entrepreneurs – preparing to launch his potentially trillion dollar master plan: manned missions to mine asteroids for their precious resources. Feted as China’s most favoured son, his success depends on a fistful of female characters, alive and dead… 

The closer Feng gets to his quarry, the more his questionable past looms:  How did his wife die?  Did he arrange to have his own daughter kidnapped?  Can he wash the blood from his hands?

Monkey Steals Plum will be free to download during Saturday 25 April, 2015 – International Astronomy Day. To download from Amazon click on the book cover, or just click on the link, ‘About the book…’

Footnote for Kindle-less folks:  The Amazon page now highlights a link to their ‘Free Reader App‘. You can download this app to read Monkey… on any device: pc, laptop, tablet or mobile.


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