“Feng Tower, Shenzhen”

A short GoPro (POV) clip from a daredevil climber in Shenzhen that ultimately gives you the kind of view that Feng has from the 88th floor, Feng Tower, Shenzhen.

[Excerpt from Monkey…]

In his 88th floor office, Feng took up his leather seat at a polished walnut writing bureau. He was unfazed by the twinkling cityscape at dusk. He looked up to the stars and rued the lights of the city below. If he was back in the dark desert plains of his youth he would be able to see countless stars. In the quiet of his office, Feng reflected on how what is unseen is often the most telling aspect. He thought of the 3000 steel rods, each 100m long, that were rammed into the Shenzhen swamp beneath his tower, providing a trustworthy platform. The deeper the rods pushed into the mud, the harder the mud pushed back, stabilising the vast building. The more Feng ruminated on the facts, the more he yearned for the unknown. He kept his gaze up to the canopy of stars that he knew were sparkling beyond the clouds.

‘She’s out there.’


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