Earth hour power

“Earth Hour” looms again, 28 March 2015 – along with a standard furore over whether it helps or hinders discussion and action around climate change.

This year its hashtag fanfare (alongside #EarthHour) is #YourPower. A simple pun yet significant, for me, by one fundamental fact:  Tackling what remains for many a contentious and abstract concept “climate change”, will depend on more of us starting to talk in consensual and concrete terms about “energy”… however Energy remains the elephant in this room.

Raising awareness of Climate Change is good – one would hope that people power influences governments the world over to seriously and efficiently address the multiple issues, and environmental impact, that are increasingly evident from ‘dramatically changing the chemical composition of oceans and atmosphere’.

Yet Power, as in Energy, is key. ‘Earth’ might not imminently run out of coal and oil but the more essential, interrelated, points remain all too easily overlooked by the so-called great and the good:  ‘We’ can’t continue with unsustainable energy consumption, poorly efficient energy sources, and costly energy.

Being frank, as laconic as The Man With No Name, I am not about to start the #SustainableProductionAndConsumptionOfEnergyHour.

Earth Hour helps.

Still frame of ‘The Man With No Name’, as portrayed by Clint Eastwood and shot by Sergio Leone [public domain via Wikimedia Commons].

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