Double tap: Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle

Double take.  Today’s post about Wong Kar Wai naturally sparked me to spy-hop around the web for him. Nearly 3 million results popped up in “0.34 seconds”. I’d like to think that he was announcing his latest film at a press conference in China just as I was typing a few lines about him – but that’s the kind of ‘moment’ that happens best in a Wong Kar Wai film.


Double good.  WKW’s feted cinematographer, Christopher Doyle, is tweeting … @dukefeng52

Christopher Doyle

Double act.  Doyle is responsible for those exquisitely shot, cinematic portrayals of Hong Kong/China that are, still, the signature hallmark of WKW’s films.

… It takes people. A friend, a family, a crowd. It takes a village to raise a child, and so on. While many, not all, animals are either solitary or social, humans are by their nature ‘solitary-socials’. Life requires human relationships whether competitive, commensal, or cooperative. Living proof: I’m sincerely grateful for my book cover designer-illustrator, and for each of my voice-of-reason editors. Each one makes for a pivotal double act.

Check out Wong Kar Wai’s film work. Keep in mind Mr Doyle – the man behind that sumptuous cinematography.


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