Postponing destinations, extending horizons …

Orion lift off

This picture shows the #Orion test rocket stood on its launchpad in Florida. The spacecraft waited through several pauses of its launch sequence (due to a boat being spied too close in nearby water, then volatile winds and finally ‘technical issues with valves’) …

Meanwhile, I typed onwards in my home office, albeit with one eye on Orion.

When I snapped the screen, I was one of nearly 200,000 people who had locked on to NASA’s live stream. I was wondering, how many of these people are astronomers, astrophysicists or just plain geeks? I can’t claim to have ever identified with either camp yet despite being a ‘NANG’ (Non-Astro, Non-Geek) I’ve been enamoured by all things ‘Space’ for about a year, and the interest seems to be deepening.

Indeed this is why I gave the central character of ‘Feng’ in Monkey Steals Plum his extra special mission, pioneering space exploration.

Today’s mission stalled … ultimately the decision was taken to scrub Orion’s launch until tomorrow. Yet it’s not a false dawn. Halted countdowns, rockets stood in stasis, and the muting of mass interest overnight, do not diminish the past achievements from space travel. Nor do they detract from the new horizons of possibility and beneficial (sci-tech-med) discovery that Space exploration offers humanity.



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