“Made in China”

I took this snap (below) ten years ago, using a throwaway camera that was ‘Made In China’.

The elevated point-of-view comes courtesy of pausing for the scene, the shot, the moment, prior to stepping down the stairs of a coach. I had been following a certain Chinese national around rural China while working as a journalist.

A shoot-out with Chinese State media at Chen Village, China.(2005).

My limited conversations with the Chinese photographers (pictured) inspired the oddball, and 100% factual, dialogue of my character Troy’s fictional visit to Chen Village, down to the mantra: “Made in China.”

I steered clear from using those three laden words – Made in China – when selecting the title for my debut novel, and the trilogy it opens. Yet for sure, both the book -and the trilogy it opens- were ostensibly made in China through such moments, journeys, relationships… and subsequently honed through research, conversations, stories…



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